21-minute meditation process with sri yantra

abundance meditation

A powerful guided process designed by monks

abundance is a state of consciousness

Manifest the life you want by tuning your vibration to the frequency of abundance.


Are you feeling blocked with abundance?

As a spiritual seeker dedicated to inner growth, do you find yourself unable to manifest the life you truly desire, feeling blocked by stress, anxiety, or financial worries? 

These challenges are often signs of deeper internal conflicts, reflecting unhealed emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, and energetic imbalances that hinder your path to abundance.

Imagine the life you would attract and the state of being you would energetically abide in if these issues were resolved. 

shift into abundance consciousness

The solution lies within a transformative journey, inviting you to shift energetically and align with the vibrations of abundance.

The Abundance Activation Meditation is a 21-minute guided experience, tailored for spiritual individuals like you by monks with over 40 years of training in ancient sacred wisdom.

By embarking on this meditation, you’ll initiate the necessary internal shifts, fostering a state of abundance consciousness that mirrors the prosperous life you’re meant to live.


What is this meditation?

The Abundance Meditation is a 21-minute guided meditation process that utilizes the power of the sacred Sri Yantra combined with sacred breathwork, mudras, and visualization meditation.

This meditation is designed to be a powerful tool of self-discovery by activating your spiritual energies, dissolving blocks, and programming your subconscious with an abundance mindset.

In this 21-minute journey, you will effortlessly be guided through:

  • Pranic breathing
  • Mudras
  • Breath-of-Fire
  • Prayers & Intentions
  • Sri Yantra Meditation
  • Abundance Affirmations
  • Gratitude & Relaxation

How do i use it?

This Abundance Meditation consists of both a guided meditation mp3 and a Sri Yantra art print that is used together for a transformative effect on your consciousness.

To undergo the process simply:

  1. Place the Sri Yantra in a Sacred Environment and sit comfortably upright facing it.
  2. Play the Abundance Activation Meditation MP3 track and follow along with the guided instructions.
  3. After the meditation is over, spend just 5 minutes journaling your insights and experiences with the provided process journey PDF.
  4. Use this mediation anytime you feel that your vibration is out of harmony with abundance.

What's Included when i purchase?

  • 21-Minute Meditation Audio: Direct download of the 21-minute Abundance Meditation mp3 track.
  • Sri Yantra Print: 11″x11″ fine art print of the sacred Sri Yantra.
  • Instructional Guide: A video guide explaining the meditation process in detail.
  • Meditation Tracker & Journal: A printable PDF  journal to track your journey of transformation.
  • *Exclusive 20-Minute Private Session: A limited-time offer for a personal session with Douglas Bentley, the creator of this meditation.

best practices

Here is a list of best practices to get the most out of this process:

  • For optimal outcomes, engage in this meditation daily over a period of 21 days to start. Beyond this initial phase, feel free to use it as needed, following your intuition.
  • We recommend journalling for 5 minutes after the meditation to allow for both insights to come as well as note the various shifts and transformations occurring.
  • This practice is suitable for both individual and group sessions.
  • We suggest always conducting this process in a Sacred space, and honoring the Sri Yantra as a Sacred Object.

what can i expect?

During the meditation, you might experience:

  • Profound Calm: A deep sense of relaxation.
  • Financial Stress Release: Letting go of money worries.
  • Energetic Movement: Sensations of energy flow.
  • Sharper Awareness: Increased attunement to your environment.
  • Abundance Insights: Solutions and ideas for prosperity.

Throughout the day, you may notice:

  • Goal Clarity: Enhanced focus on achieving prosperity.
  • Eased Financial Anxiety: Reduced stress about money.
  • Abundance Mindset: A shift towards wealth consciousness.
  • Prosperity Intuition: Improved financial decision-making.
  • Abundance Miracles: Serendipitous events supporting wealth.

what is the sri yantra?

The Sri Yantra, with its nine interlocking triangles, symbolizes the cosmos, human unity, and divine balance. It’s used in meditation to focus the mind, reach higher consciousness, and fulfill personal and spiritual goals.

In this meditation process, the Sri Yantra is key for:

  • Focusing Energy: Concentrates your intentions and energy.
  • Aligning with Abundance: Syncs your energy with universal prosperity.
  • Deepening Connections: Strengthens your bond with your inner self and the cosmos.
  • Dissolving Barriers: Helps overcome internal blocks and limiting thoughts.
  • Supporting Manifestation: Boosts the manifestation of wealth, success, and abundance.

free session with DOUGLAS BENTLEY

Namaste, my name is Douglas Bentley and with my wife Prema, we founded Sacred Wisdom School.

From ten years as a monk in India to the world of entrepreneurship, my path has demanded deep self-work for abundance consciousness.

This meditation comes from what truly helped me on this journey. I’m excited to share it and also offer you a free 20-minute private session.

This is our opportunity to connect so to hear your experiences using this meditation, answer any questions you may have, and listen to any suggestions or feedback to improve this meditation process for others.

I hope you find this meditation to be a wonderful tool for your journey, and I look forward to meeting you.

Any time that feels right for you, though many find early morning or late evening to be especially peaceful and conducive to deep meditation.

Absolutely! This meditation is designed to be accessible for everyone, regardless of their experience level with meditation.

Results can vary, but many people start to feel more relaxed and at ease after just a few sessions. Consistency is key to experiencing deeper, longer-lasting changes.

No special equipment is needed. A quiet space where you can relax without interruption and perhaps a comfortable seat or cushion is all that’s required.

Yes, this meditation is suitable for all ages. However, younger children might find it challenging to stay still and focused for the entire duration.

While this meditation is focused on cultivating abundance consciousness, the relaxation and mindfulness techniques can also help alleviate general stress and anxiety.

For best results, daily practice is recommended, especially during the initial 21-day period to cultivate a habit and integrate the practice into your life.

Distractions are normal. Gently acknowledge the distraction without judgment and bring your focus back to the meditation. With practice, distractions will become less frequent and less disruptive.


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